Hire me for a workshop

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I am available to design and deliver workshops both in-person and online. Below you will find a selection of some of the workshops I run currently.

Email me at jim@spongeelt.org to get a quote.

Building our understanding of how motivation affects learning

This is a multiple-session workshop which includes an optional mini research project. Teachers will be taken through the basic of motivation, asked to reflect on their own experiences both as teachers and learners, and look at a range of motivational strategies that can be used for igniting and maintain motivation throughout the year.

Small Talk – Developing speaking sub-skills

This workshops aims to revive a more direct approach to conversation skills, while sharing current research and ideas on how these vitally important skills can be developed in class.

Why you should get involved in the blogosphere!

The world of ELT is getting bigger, and teachers are very often looking for that something that sets them up for success in language teaching, both from a development and employment perspective. In this workshop, we will look at a number of reasons why blogging is something teachers should consider, some real-life examples of success being attributed to blogging, and some information on how to get started with blogging. There is an optional project for those interested.

Developing teacher assessment literacy through consensus moderation workshops

High-stakes exams are common place within English language teaching, and teachers are expected to know these exams intimately, often being asked to teach them to learners, provide feedback on mock assessments, and guide learners in their progress toward successful completion. However, there is a distinct lack of teacher education regarding how to provide effective instruction and feedback to learners. In this workshop, we look at why exam moderation workshops are more than just niceties, as well as a number of workshop ideas that aim to develop teachers as examiners, increase inter-rater reliability, and, ultimately, aid teachers in helping them make their learners successful. This is very much for managers and teacher trainers.

Differentiation in the language classroom

In this workshop, teachers look at the basics of differentiation and what differentiation is not. As well as the ‘theory’, teachers will be asked to reflect on their own experience as teachers and will be taken through a number of differentiated activities.

Making classroom management effective

In this workshop, teachers will look at what makes classroom management effective, some tips and tricks regrading classroom management (all from research on psychology) and some ideas to use in class. Teachers will be asked to reflect on their own experiences and get creative when thinking about how they want their classes to be!

Corrective feedback – making it effective

This workshop is actually two workshops that are supposed to be spaced apart as there is a mini research project involved. In these workshops, teachers explore the basic concepts of oral and written corrective feedback, discuss and provide opinions on certain corrective feedback techniques, and carry out an observation of a number of other teachers providing feedback. The mini research project focuses on teachers collecting a small amount of data from their lessons and reflecting on the oral and written corrective feedback techniques they use.