Sponge Chats – Teacher Training with Matthew Ellman

This blog post is part of the Sponge Chats video series. I had pleasure to sit down with teacher, trainer and co-author of the new book From Teacher to Trainer (see pic below), Matthew Ellman. I had the pleasure to meet Matt all the way back in the days before COVID, when he paid the Cambridge teacherContinue reading “Sponge Chats – Teacher Training with Matthew Ellman”

Sponge Chats – ELT Editing with Zoe Smith

This blog post is part of the Sponge Chats video series. Lately we have really been pushing the boundaries regarding ‘positions’ within ELT, and this Sponge Chat is no different. I got to sit down with teacher and ELT editor, Zoe Smith, who was kind enough to tell us about her journey from teaching to ‘editing’. YouContinue reading “Sponge Chats – ELT Editing with Zoe Smith”

Sponge Chats – Materials Writing with Emma Heyderman

Last week I got to sit down with established materials writer Emma Heyderman, who has written many materials including titles such as Compact Key for Schools and Complete PET. She was kind enough to share her journey from teacher to materials writer (and trainer and academic manager) as well as her thoughts on her workContinue reading “Sponge Chats – Materials Writing with Emma Heyderman”

ELT Playbook 1 – Exploring your context 4

This is my response to the reflective task Exploring your context 4 from Sandy Millin’s ELT Playbook 1. The task – The role of English In this task, Sandy asks the reader (me) to reflect on the importance of English language learning in my current context, the impact English has on those who learn it,Continue reading “ELT Playbook 1 – Exploring your context 4”

Small Talk – Getting Conversation Classes Right (Part 1)

Part 1 – The What? and the Why? Have you ever been given a class that you really had no idea how to teach or what content to cover? I’m sure you have. One of my first classes like this was the ever-so-popular conversation class. I remember working in Italy and the language academy IContinue reading “Small Talk – Getting Conversation Classes Right (Part 1)”

Delta – The Alternatives

The Pond. In the world of ELT qualifications, the Cambridge Delta often takes the spotlight and it can be quite difficult to hear about any other diploma-level qualifications unless you go looking. This post aims to give you a brief overview of some of the other diploma-level qualifications available to English teachers, what the differencesContinue reading “Delta – The Alternatives”

Review: ELT Lesson Observation & Feedback Handbook – Jeanette Barsdell

Book Review: ELT Lesson Observation & Feedback Handbook – Jeanette Barsdell

A short review of what I like to think of as a must-have teacher trainer book. Enjoy!

Delta Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice

Delta Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice, a.k.a The big one. This is what Delta is famous (or perhaps infamous?) for. It is the module where everything about your teaching is put under a microscope, you are asked to go further into the world of ELT and linguistics, and you complete a seemingly endless amountContinue reading “Delta Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice”