Article notes – Exploring Emotions in Language Teaching – Jack C. Richards

‘Article Notes’ is a set of blog posts in which I write down my notes about articles that I read. These notes are not meant to be ‘academic’ or ‘formal’; rather, they are my ramblings and immediate thoughts in reaction to the content I read. I’ve written them up to help me remember the article,Continue reading “Article notes – Exploring Emotions in Language Teaching – Jack C. Richards”

Advising and Supporting Teachers – Task 1.1

This is part of the Advising and Supporting Teachers series. In this series, I complete the tasks set out in Mark Randall’s and Barbara Thornton’s Advising and Supporting Teachers. Task 1.1 An Inspector Calls In this task, trainers (or potential trainers) are asked to write an essay on the first time they were watched eitherContinue reading “Advising and Supporting Teachers – Task 1.1”