Conference notes – IATEFL 2023 Harrogate

A few weeks ago, I attended the IATEFL 2023 Harrogate conference as a winner of the Gillian Porter Ladousse Scholarship. It was my first time attending this monumental conference, and throughout the week I attended a ridiculous amount of sessions, networked and caught up with old friends. This conference was unlike any that I hadContinue reading “Conference notes – IATEFL 2023 Harrogate”

Conference notes: TESOL Spain Madrid 2023

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to not only attend but also present at the TESOL Spain Madrid conference. It was a massive conference, with over 140 sessions spread out over three days, and by the end of it was physically and mentally drained – but it was entirely worth it. What follows here areContinue reading “Conference notes: TESOL Spain Madrid 2023”

TTEdSIG Mentoring conference notes

This weekend, the TTEdSIG held another amazing online event, Mentoring for Teacher Educators. What follows here are my notes from the sessions 🙂 Christine Coombe – Mentoring: An essential skill for leadership development There are many definitions of mentoring, although they are evolving. Christine’s definition is that both the mentor and the mentee gain fromContinue reading “TTEdSIG Mentoring conference notes”

Conference notes – Innovate ELT 2022

Innovate 2022 – Back into face-to-face conferences with a blast When I sent my proposal through to Oxford TEFL for the 2022 Innovate ELT conference, I was really hoping that it would be accepted for two reasons. One, I wanted to share my ideas on using tasks with Young Learners, and two, I wanted toContinue reading “Conference notes – Innovate ELT 2022”

Conference notes: Oxford TEFL Training and Leadership in ELT

Today, I had the pleasure and privilege of not only attending, but presenting at Oxford TEFL’s Training and Leadership in ELT conference. I have to say, hats off to Oxford TEFL. They put on a FREE conference focused on training and management, something I think is super rare in our industry, and something we needContinue reading “Conference notes: Oxford TEFL Training and Leadership in ELT”

TESOL France Colloquium Notes

Today and yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend and present at TESOL France 2021 Colloquium. The conference took place on Whova and there were plenty of sessions. What follows here are my notes and reflections. For those wondering if TESOL France Colloquium is a worthwhile event for next year, I can assure you itContinue reading “TESOL France Colloquium Notes”

ACEIA Online 2021 – What’s Next? Building the Future – Conference notes

Over the weekend, I attended and presented at the annual ACEIA conference. As usual, it was jam packed with sessions and I had a great time. We were using the conference software Whova, which worked really well (for the most part) and I was really happy to see so many people there (I think thereContinue reading “ACEIA Online 2021 – What’s Next? Building the Future – Conference notes”

Two conferences, one weekend – InnovateELT 2021 and The Third Language Education and Research Conference.

Over the weekend (Friday 01st October 2021 – Sunday 03rd October 2021), I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the InnovateELT 2021 (Spain) conference as well as the Language Education and Research conference (Greece). What follows are my notes from the sessions that I attended as well as my reflections on my sessionsContinue reading “Two conferences, one weekend – InnovateELT 2021 and The Third Language Education and Research Conference.”