Review: Words, Words, Words – David Crystal

My bookshelf has quite a few different books, from quite a few different authors, but one author that seems to have made his way on to my shelf a number of times is David Crystal. Currently, I have Crystal’s The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Language (I have the first edition and when I save up enoughContinue reading “Review: Words, Words, Words – David Crystal”

Review: History’s Mysteries – Sapp, Noble, Lacey, Gavell and Lawrence

Some time ago, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of History’s Mysteries (a huge thank you to Walton Burns from Alphabet Publishing!), a book that aims to “create history-themed topics for reading and also for research, creative writing, and discussion” (p. viii). Being very much a strong proponent of reading-focusedContinue reading “Review: History’s Mysteries – Sapp, Noble, Lacey, Gavell and Lawrence”