The Three Series: Three books for the conference presenter

This is part of The Three Series. Conference presenting is something many of us take on at some stage within our career. Those of us that have a desire to move into academic management, teacher education, or simply raise our profile often start by presenting at conferences. And, of course, there are many teachers andContinue reading “The Three Series: Three books for the conference presenter”

Review: Words, Words, Words – David Crystal

My bookshelf has quite a few different books, from quite a few different authors, but one author that seems to have made his way on to my shelf a number of times is David Crystal. Currently, I have Crystal’s The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Language (I have the first edition and when I save up enoughContinue reading “Review: Words, Words, Words – David Crystal”

Review: History’s Mysteries – Sapp, Noble, Lacey, Gavell and Lawrence

Some time ago, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of History’s Mysteries (a huge thank you to Walton Burns from Alphabet Publishing!), a book that aims to “create history-themed topics for reading and also for research, creative writing, and discussion” (p. viii). Being very much a strong proponent of reading-focusedContinue reading “Review: History’s Mysteries – Sapp, Noble, Lacey, Gavell and Lawrence”