The 2019/2020 Academic year – One hell of a topsy-turvy!

The 2019/2020 academic year – what a bloody interesting ride that was! I, like all you lovely people, felt that this year turned out to be both a challenge and a learning curve (from both a teaching and training perspective). Coronavirus threw the proverbial spanner in the works for pretty much everyone, and the educationContinue reading “The 2019/2020 Academic year – One hell of a topsy-turvy!”

Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 4

This is part of the series Cambridge Train the Trainer. Whereas week 3 was devoted to planning training session, week 4 was devoted to delivering training sessions. We looked at using certain types of tasks, used these tasks, and we also covered supportive trainer talk. Let’s take a closer look at these now. Task formatsContinue reading “Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 4”