TTEdSIG Mentoring conference notes

This weekend, the TTEdSIG held another amazing online event, Mentoring for Teacher Educators. What follows here are my notes from the sessions 🙂 Christine Coombe – Mentoring: An essential skill for leadership development There are many definitions of mentoring, although they are evolving. Christine’s definition is that both the mentor and the mentee gain fromContinue reading “TTEdSIG Mentoring conference notes”

The Teacher Trainer Diaries: Mentoring

This post is part of a reflective series called The Teacher Trainer Diaries, in which I write about my experiences as a teacher trainer. One problem that I think occurs in both teaching and training contexts is that we far too often view the class, staff, group, etc. as a whole unit, forgetting that eachContinue reading “The Teacher Trainer Diaries: Mentoring”