ELT Playbook 1 – Exploring your context 3

This is my response to the reflective task Exploring your context 3 from Sandy Millin’s ELT Playbook 1. The task – The people around us For this task, I had to write down the names of teachers from my school and put them into certain categories. The categories were: Teachers I could go to for advice on languageContinue reading “ELT Playbook 1 – Exploring your context 3”

ELT Playbook 1 – Sandy Millin’s Reflective Tasks

If you’ve been reading my blog or done Delta and looked at other Delta blogs, you will most definitely have come across Sandy Millin’s blog. It is a phenomenal resource and Sandy provides excellent advice, tips and news on a whole range of ELT-related topics, not just Delta. Earlier this year, Sandy released her book ELTContinue reading “ELT Playbook 1 – Sandy Millin’s Reflective Tasks”