Advising and Supporting Teachers – Task 1.1

This is part of the Advising and Supporting Teachers series. In this series, I complete the tasks set out in Mark Randall’s and Barbara Thornton’s Advising and Supporting Teachers. Task 1.1 An Inspector Calls In this task, trainers (or potential trainers) are asked to write an essay on the first time they were watched eitherContinue reading “Advising and Supporting Teachers – Task 1.1”

Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 6

This is part of the series Cambridge Train the Trainer. What do trainers look for when observing? This is a pretty big question, something I have read a lot on over the last few years. The answer is… well, many things. It really is largely dependent on the context and purpose of the observation. AnotherContinue reading “Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 6”

Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 5

This is part of the series Cambridge Train the Trainer. Observation. It leaves a bad taste in some teachers’ mouths. It’s one of those development tools that is probably done more poorly than well. It’s also one of the most important development tools we have, and it was the focus for this week. We lookedContinue reading “Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 5”