TTEdSIG Mentoring conference notes

This weekend, the TTEdSIG held another amazing online event, Mentoring for Teacher Educators. What follows here are my notes from the sessions 🙂 Christine Coombe – Mentoring: An essential skill for leadership development There are many definitions of mentoring, although they are evolving. Christine’s definition is that both the mentor and the mentee gain fromContinue reading “TTEdSIG Mentoring conference notes”

IATEFL – TTEdSIG Pre-conference event notes

This year I joined IATEFL and chose TTEdSIG as my special interest group (SIG). Apart from there being a whole load of new acronyms to learn, there are also a lot of benefits from being part of IATEFL and specific SIGs, one being a discount to the pre-conference event (PCE). In these PCEs, SIGs haveContinue reading “IATEFL – TTEdSIG Pre-conference event notes”