The Three Series: Three books for the conference presenter

This is part of The Three Series. Conference presenting is something many of us take on at some stage within our career. Those of us that have a desire to move into academic management, teacher education, or simply raise our profile often start by presenting at conferences. And, of course, there are many teachers andContinue reading “The Three Series: Three books for the conference presenter”

Conference notes – Innovate ELT 2022

Innovate 2022 – Back into face-to-face conferences with a blast When I sent my proposal through to Oxford TEFL for the 2022 Innovate ELT conference, I was really hoping that it would be accepted for two reasons. One, I wanted to share my ideas on using tasks with Young Learners, and two, I wanted toContinue reading “Conference notes – Innovate ELT 2022”

Conference notes: Oxford TEFL Training and Leadership in ELT

Today, I had the pleasure and privilege of not only attending, but presenting at Oxford TEFL’s Training and Leadership in ELT conference. I have to say, hats off to Oxford TEFL. They put on a FREE conference focused on training and management, something I think is super rare in our industry, and something we needContinue reading “Conference notes: Oxford TEFL Training and Leadership in ELT”

TESOL France Colloquium Notes

Today and yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend and present at TESOL France 2021 Colloquium. The conference took place on Whova and there were plenty of sessions. What follows here are my notes and reflections. For those wondering if TESOL France Colloquium is a worthwhile event for next year, I can assure you itContinue reading “TESOL France Colloquium Notes”

Two conferences, one weekend – InnovateELT 2021 and The Third Language Education and Research Conference.

Over the weekend (Friday 01st October 2021 – Sunday 03rd October 2021), I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the InnovateELT 2021 (Spain) conference as well as the Language Education and Research conference (Greece). What follows are my notes from the sessions that I attended as well as my reflections on my sessionsContinue reading “Two conferences, one weekend – InnovateELT 2021 and The Third Language Education and Research Conference.”

2021 Okinawa JALT Summer Symposium Conference

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at this year’s Okinawa JALT (Japanese Association of Language Teaching) Summer Symposium. It meant an early morning wake up (had to get up at 4am!), but it was certainly well worth it. I got to not only run a workshop on exam moderation and assessment literacy,Continue reading “2021 Okinawa JALT Summer Symposium Conference”