The Teacher Trainer Diaries – A year of workshops – Part 1

The 2020/2021 academic year is coming to a close – one month left. For trainers this means an end to workshops, perhaps finishing off final observations, reflecting on mentoring sessions, looking at final action points for teachers, discussing SMART goals, planning next year’s development programme, etc. A load of things really. I’d like to takeContinue reading “The Teacher Trainer Diaries – A year of workshops – Part 1”

Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 3

This is part of the series Cambridge Train the Trainer. Week 3 in review This week we covered what I felt was less content, but a lot more practice – or implementing the learned content. We started off looking at the way in which input sessions are planned and the process of this planning. TheContinue reading “Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 3”