Review: A Practical Introduction to Teacher Training in ELT – John Hughes

I love reading about teacher training, not simply because I am a trainer, but also because I enjoy reading about how other trainers, often far more experienced than myself, would do things or what recommendations they might give. I recently picked up John Hughes A Practical Introduction to Teaching Training in ELT when Pavilion hadContinue reading “Review: A Practical Introduction to Teacher Training in ELT – John Hughes”

Sponge Chats – Teacher Training with Teresa Bestwick

This blog post is part of the Sponge Chats video series. Last Thursday, I had the pleasure to sit down with teacher trainer, materials writer and all-round awesome person, Teresa Bestwick. Teresa is a CertTESOL and DipTESOL trainer, and she is very active in the online development world as well. For example, she and Simon Pearlman haveContinue reading “Sponge Chats – Teacher Training with Teresa Bestwick”