Sponge Chats – Teacher Training with Matthew Ellman

This blog post is part of the Sponge Chats video series.

I had pleasure to sit down with teacher, trainer and co-author of the new book From Teacher to Trainer (see pic below), Matthew Ellman. I had the pleasure to meet Matt all the way back in the days before COVID, when he paid the Cambridge teacher training team a visit, and I’ve read a number of his blog posts on the Cambridge World of Better Learning blog. Here are few that you might find interesting:

Not only did we get to speak about Matt’s journey into teacher training, but we also got to speak about his work with authoring the new book, advice he has for teachers looking to move into teacher training, as well as many other goodies – you’ll have to watch or listen to find out!

As always, we also had a book recommendations section! Here are those that Matt presented:

If you want to see what Matt is up to, you can follow him on the Cambridge World of Better Learning blog or on Twitter.

Be sure to check out the Sponge Chat on YouTube and/or Spotify. If you like it, remember to let me know!

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