Sponge Chats – ELT Editing with Zoe Smith

This blog post is part of the Sponge Chats video series.

Lately we have really been pushing the boundaries regarding ‘positions’ within ELT, and this Sponge Chat is no different. I got to sit down with teacher and ELT editor, Zoe Smith, who was kind enough to tell us about her journey from teaching to ‘editing’. You may not have heard Zoe’s name before, but you have most likely read or worked with something that she has been involved in producing – just take a look at her online portfolio which highlights some of the projects she has worked on.

If you are like me, you are probably quite clueless regarding the publishing and editing world. My eyes have only just started opening after speaking with people such as Emma Heyderman, Sue Kay and Karen Spiller. There is so much that goes on ‘behind the scenes’, and Zoe was kind enough to share her part in the process. One of the parts I found most interesting was the definition or roles that people can take on within publishing. For example, we looked at the difference between a copy editor and a proof reader – do you know what it is?

Zoe also shared PLENTY of advice regarding how to move into editing, as well as some words of caution – it may not be for everyone. She also mentioned a number of very important people/groups you might like to check out:

Zoe went into details about her experiences with certain qualifications and courses, and the extent to which these were necessary for her success. And, as usual, we have some brilliant book recommendations:

This Sponge Chat really helped me see that there are so many things going on in the editorial world. It really builds on nicely from my chat with Sue Kay and Karen Spiller, and I feel it will give you all a very interesting look at what there is to do. With this in mind, I hope you find Zoe’s information, thoughts, opinions, etc. enjoyable and informative.

Zoe also has a huge list on her website.

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