Sponge Chats – Teacher Training and Climate Awareness with Harry Waters from Renewable English

This blog post is part of the Sponge Chats video series.

For this Sponge Chat, I had the pleasure to sit down with teacher trainer, content developer and climate change activist Harry Waters from Renewable English. We got to speak about a whole range of things, from his journey into teacher training to his motivations for starting Renewable English and helping teachers and learners become more climate-aware.

Harry shared with us plenty of blog and book recommendations to get you all reading and browsing. I have done my best to write them all here!

Harry’s older blog: The Fluency Facilitator

ELT Footprint

Kids against plastic

TEFL Development Hub

ELT Sustainable

ELT Learning Journeys

ELT Planning (Pete Clements)

Harry also got back in touch after the chat and mentioned others that he had on his list!

The TEFL Zone (Rachel Tsateri)

Learning lessons from TEFL (Olivia Price Bates)

EFL Creative Ideas (Silvina Mascitti)

Harry’s book recommendations

Any of Chris Roland’s books

ELT Teacher 2 Writer books

I had a great time with Harry and was delighted that he was able to sit down and share his experiences. I feel his mission is an important one, and I hope that you all go check out his stuff. Also, I hope Greta comes and speaks with him! Please Greta!

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