Sponge Chats – Perspectives on Assessment with Fatime Losonci

This blog post is part of the Sponge Chats video series.

In the latest Sponge Chat, I spoke with assessment expert, Fatime Losonci. This chat was really interesting for me as assessment is one of those areas that I have read a little about, but nowhere near enough – and I certainly have no experience with item writing.

Fatime shared her thoughts on the ‘what’ of assessment, the reasons behind assessment, and the different ways assessment can be carried out. We also touched on the difference beween teaching and testing skills, her Masterclass for IELTs teachers, and, of course, some book recommendations (see below).

For all my assessment-focused ELT professionals, I know you’ll find value in this chat – I certainly did. Both Fatime and I would love to hear your feedback, though, so please do comment (and remember to subscribe!).

Here are Fatime’s book recommendations:

Fatime’s How to teach IELTs Writing

Arthur Hughes’ Testing for Language Teachers

HD. Brown’s Principles of Language Learning and Teaching

Rita Green’s Statistical Analyses for Language Testers

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