ELT Playbook 1 – Sandy Millin’s Reflective Tasks

If you’ve been reading my blog or done Delta and looked at other Delta blogs, you will most definitely have come across Sandy Millin’s blog. It is a phenomenal resource and Sandy provides excellent advice, tips and news on a whole range of ELT-related topics, not just Delta. Earlier this year, Sandy released her book ELTContinue reading “ELT Playbook 1 – Sandy Millin’s Reflective Tasks”

Small Talk – Getting Conversation Classes Right (Part 2)

Note: If you would like to cover the background theory and the reasoning behind a lot these activities, please read Part 1. The How? So, hopefully, you’ve read the What? and the Why? and now you’re on the lookout for the How?, i.e. the activities and tasks that can be used in the language classroom to really help your learnersContinue reading “Small Talk – Getting Conversation Classes Right (Part 2)”

Small Talk – Getting Conversation Classes Right (Part 1)

Part 1 – The What? and the Why? Have you ever been given a class that you really had no idea how to teach or what content to cover? I’m sure you have. One of my first classes like this was the ever-so-popular conversation class. I remember working in Italy and the language academy IContinue reading “Small Talk – Getting Conversation Classes Right (Part 1)”

First day openers

Even after five years, I still get butterflies in my stomach come first day of term. In my opinion, the first day of term is one of the most important as there is a need at all levels to both establish rapport with your learners and lay down the ‘ground rules’. But how can youContinue reading “First day openers”

Delta – The Alternatives

The Pond. In the world of ELT qualifications, the Cambridge Delta often takes the spotlight and it can be quite difficult to hear about any other diploma-level qualifications unless you go looking. This post aims to give you a brief overview of some of the other diploma-level qualifications available to English teachers, what the differencesContinue reading “Delta – The Alternatives”

Review: ELT Lesson Observation & Feedback Handbook – Jeanette Barsdell

Book Review: ELT Lesson Observation & Feedback Handbook – Jeanette Barsdell

A short review of what I like to think of as a must-have teacher trainer book. Enjoy!

Delta Module 3 – Extending Practice and ELT Specialism.

So, Module 1 is language and methodology, and Module 2 is professional practice and being assessed on your teaching – what is Module 3? In a nutshell, Module 3 is designing a course for a particular group of learners (sounds fairly straightforward, right?). The aim of this blog post is to give you guys anContinue reading “Delta Module 3 – Extending Practice and ELT Specialism.”

Delta Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice

Delta Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice, a.k.a The big one. This is what Delta is famous (or perhaps infamous?) for. It is the module where everything about your teaching is put under a microscope, you are asked to go further into the world of ELT and linguistics, and you complete a seemingly endless amountContinue reading “Delta Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice”

Delta Module 1 – Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching – An overview.

If you have stumbled across this post and are wondering what Delta is, please go to my first post and then come back. So, Module 1. Have you ever walked into a situation thinking you had everything under control and then realised you were massively unequipped to be there? Well, that’s pretty much how most teachersContinue reading “Delta Module 1 – Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching – An overview.”