The Teacher Trainer Diaries – A year of workshops – Part 1

The 2020/2021 academic year is coming to a close – one month left. For trainers this means an end to workshops, perhaps finishing off final observations, reflecting on mentoring sessions, looking at final action points for teachers, discussing SMART goals, planning next year’s development programme, etc. A load of things really. I’d like to takeContinue reading “The Teacher Trainer Diaries – A year of workshops – Part 1”

Teaching EFL/ESL Reading: A Task-Based Approach – Week 1

I started a new course last week, quite unexpectedly. I am a huge fan of task-based language teaching (TBLT), and I have wanted to learn more about it for a long time – ever since completing Delta Module 1. I read Doing Task-based Teaching (2007) by Willis and Willis about a year ago and hadContinue reading “Teaching EFL/ESL Reading: A Task-Based Approach – Week 1”

Review: Teaching and Researching Motivation – Zoltan Dörnyei

A short time ago I read Teaching and Researching Listening by Michael Rost. It was an eye-opening read, to say the least. I was pleasantly surprised to find many other books in the Teaching and Researching series, including Zoltan Dörnyei’s Teaching and Researching Motivation. Having had such a good experience with Rost’s book, I wasContinue reading “Review: Teaching and Researching Motivation – Zoltan Dörnyei”

Advising and Supporting Teachers – Task 1.1

This is part of the Advising and Supporting Teachers series. In this series, I complete the tasks set out in Mark Randall’s and Barbara Thornton’s Advising and Supporting Teachers. Task 1.1 An Inspector Calls In this task, trainers (or potential trainers) are asked to write an essay on the first time they were watched eitherContinue reading “Advising and Supporting Teachers – Task 1.1”

Review: Teaching and Researching Listening – Michael Rost

Over the last month or so, I have started reading ELT books heavily again. You could say that I took a six-month hiatus after the 2020 summer – the pandemic has held most of my attention, creating a whole new world of problems to deal with in the academy, classroom, and, well, the world inContinue reading “Review: Teaching and Researching Listening – Michael Rost”

The 2019/2020 Academic year – One hell of a topsy-turvy!

The 2019/2020 academic year – what a bloody interesting ride that was! I, like all you lovely people, felt that this year turned out to be both a challenge and a learning curve (from both a teaching and training perspective). Coronavirus threw the proverbial spanner in the works for pretty much everyone, and the educationContinue reading “The 2019/2020 Academic year – One hell of a topsy-turvy!”

Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 8

This is part of the series Cambridge Train the Trainer. Boom! Last week done. And it was a big week. I kind of don’t even really know where to start – there was so much great information and stuff that we were involved in. Let’s start general and then get specific, it’s easier that way.Continue reading “Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 8”

Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 6

This is part of the series Cambridge Train the Trainer. What do trainers look for when observing? This is a pretty big question, something I have read a lot on over the last few years. The answer is… well, many things. It really is largely dependent on the context and purpose of the observation. AnotherContinue reading “Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 6”

Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 5

This is part of the series Cambridge Train the Trainer. Observation. It leaves a bad taste in some teachers’ mouths. It’s one of those development tools that is probably done more poorly than well. It’s also one of the most important development tools we have, and it was the focus for this week. We lookedContinue reading “Cambridge Train the Trainer – Week 5”