Sponge Chats – Teacher Training with Chris Roland

In the second of the Sponge Chats, I got to sit down with teacher, trainer, author and chilli-jam concoction expert, Chris Roland. We discussed how he got into teacher training, the various pieces of advice he has for teachers looking to make similar moves, and some things to avoid doing when you are a trainer. We also did a surprise unboxing of his latest book, Understanding Teenage Language Learners Online.

Sponge Chats – An introduction to the new video series

Every now and then I get an email from a teacher asking how I got into teacher training. I know I certainly had similar questions. The one thing I’ve realised after being a teacher trainer for a number of years as well as working with other teacher trainers is that the route into this areaContinue reading “Sponge Chats – An introduction to the new video series”