Sponge Chats – Teacher Training and Academic Management with Sandy Millin

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you would have noticed one name that keeps popping up: Sandy Millin. Sandy is an internationally-renowned teacher trainer and manager, who also happens to be a materials writer and self-published author (be sure to check out her amazing book, ELT Playbook 1, and her latest teacher training book, ELT Playbook Teacher Training) . Her blog, Sandy Millin, has been a life-saver to more than a few Delta/DipTESOL candidates (myself included), and she has done so much with regard to showing how one can develop through blogging and putting yourself out there. In short, Sandy is a powerhouse within ELT, and I was so happy when she said yes to this Sponge Chat.

As you can imagine, we got to speak about many things, although the main focuses were on teacher training and academic management. Some other interesting things we spoke about include her move into freelancing, her new Delta Module 1 preparation course Take your Time, as well as advice she has for future trainers and managers. As usual, we had a book recommendations section as well – here are Sandy’s:

I do hope that you enjoy this Sponge Chat as much as I did. If you do, please remember to give it a like, share and subscribe! Also, please feel free to leave a comment and join in the conversation.

If anyone would like to contact Sandy, she can be reached through her blog 🙂


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