Small Talk – Getting Conversation Classes Right (Part 1)

Part 1 – The What? and the Why? Have you ever been given a class that you really had no idea how to teach or what content to cover? I’m sure you have. One of my first classes like this was the ever-so-popular conversation class. I remember working in Italy and the language academy IContinue reading “Small Talk – Getting Conversation Classes Right (Part 1)”

First day openers

Even after five years, I still get butterflies in my stomach come first day of term. In my opinion, the first day of term is one of the most important as there is a need at all levels to both establish rapport with your learners and lay down the ‘ground rules’. But how can youContinue reading “First day openers”

Delta – The Alternatives

The Pond. In the world of ELT qualifications, the Cambridge Delta often takes the spotlight and it can be quite difficult to hear about any other diploma-level qualifications unless you go looking. This post aims to give you a brief overview of some of the other diploma-level qualifications available to English teachers, what the differencesContinue reading “Delta – The Alternatives”

Review: ELT Lesson Observation & Feedback Handbook – Jeanette Barsdell

Book Review: ELT Lesson Observation & Feedback Handbook – Jeanette Barsdell

A short review of what I like to think of as a must-have teacher trainer book. Enjoy!

Delta Module 3 – Extending Practice and ELT Specialism.

So, Module 1 is language and methodology, and Module 2 is professional practice and being assessed on your teaching – what is Module 3? In a nutshell, Module 3 is designing a course for a particular group of learners (sounds fairly straightforward, right?). The aim of this blog post is to give you guys anContinue reading “Delta Module 3 – Extending Practice and ELT Specialism.”

Delta Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice

Delta Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice, a.k.a The big one. This is what Delta is famous (or perhaps infamous?) for. It is the module where everything about your teaching is put under a microscope, you are asked to go further into the world of ELT and linguistics, and you complete a seemingly endless amountContinue reading “Delta Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice”

Delta Module 1 – Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching – An overview.

If you have stumbled across this post and are wondering what Delta is, please go to my first post and then come back. So, Module 1. Have you ever walked into a situation thinking you had everything under control and then realised you were massively unequipped to be there? Well, that’s pretty much how most teachersContinue reading “Delta Module 1 – Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching – An overview.”

DELTA – An introduction

Before doing Delta I had in my mind that Delta was an impossible-to-conquer beast that only those teachers with years and years of experience would even consider taking on. Now, whilst I certainly wouldn’t recommend taking on Delta with less than two, perhaps even three years of experience, I would, however, recommend viewing it differently thanContinue reading “DELTA – An introduction”